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Welcome to the Black Orchid Matriarch Society (BOMS)

This is a web site for the oldest group in the world, the gathering of Women.  With the ever-growing social groups that the Internet allows, it is time that Women recapture our Matriarchal kinship. This site is dedicated to Women, to Mothers, and even to the men that understand that We always have been and always will be a Matriarchal world.

Pronunciation: 'mA-trE-"ärk

n. woman ruling society, family or group   

  •  inheritance in female line; society dominated by women

  • a female who rules or dominates a family, group, or state

  • a clan-mother, female shaman, female leader, female chief

  • an exalted female of wisdom and leadership

  •  title often given the oldest female of a family

  • female who controls distribution of food, fields and property

It is with great hope that I devote My time to this endeavor, to reunite Us and to make the world better with Our love, devotion, wisdom, and strength. In re-establishing our unity we will gain support from other like-minded people and be able to better provide for our families, our clans, and in many ways economically, spiritually, and emotionally. 

clan n.

  • Large group of relatives, of associates, or of friends

  • A social unit consisting of a number of families claiming a common ancestor/hereditary line

This web site will assist Us in locating one another to establish ‘clans’ in our area and through-out the world. A Matriarchal Clan will consist of people that wish to work together providing each other with services, needs, advice, assistance, and support, like a large extended family.  Please join us in the endeavor of re-establishing clans and rejoining our families.

Matriarchy is a form of social structure where power is with the women and with a focus of the mothers of a community. Matriarchy is a combination of matrilineality and matrilocality.

Matriarchy word roots - latin word  mater meaning mother and Greek word archein which means to rule. Other 'women's rule' words  are Gynecocracy, Gynocracy, and Gynarch, Gynarchical, Gynarchist

Matrilineality is the practice where children and blood lines are determined from the mothers, instead of fathers. Membership of a group may be inherited matrilineally. For example in Judaism, it is said that if the mother is Jewish, the child is Jewish.

Matrilocality is a social system where off-spring remain with the mother creating large clans of mothers, sisters, and aunts and so forth – often three or four generations together. This is also used when a female accepts a male and thusly the male is brought into her clan


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